Are clowns scary? Nope!

This afternoon my eye fell on an article at It was about people being afraid of clowns. Since there are scary clown movies like IT and some idiots who think it’s funny to scare people the shit out of them dressed up like a clown (and put videos of their ‘prank’ on YouTube) I can understand that children are scared. It’s very sad that people do this and children get dis wrong image of a clown. I always say to these children: ‘Scared of me? The friendly looking Clown Tallie? You silly! Don’t be scared.’

Clown Tallie

Me and my little new friend

Unfortunately I do have the problem as I’m afraid most of my fellow clowns have, that children are scared sometimes. Once and a while, you just can’t do anything about it, but for me it’s the challenge to get the child love me within a few minutes instead of being afraid. Since a few weeks I do have a new friend to help me, a cute duck hand puppet. I just put it on my hand and start talking with a high but soft voice as a duck. To my own surprise it works out great. They love the little duck and forget for a moment that they are scared. Ones the ice is broken magically they are good with me as well and give me a high-five before they leave with a happy face and a balloon animal.

Ever seen a clown riding around on a bike?

Luckily I don’t have the problem like some people being interviewed in this article, that I have to change back to normal clothes before I get in the car from my gig back home. Indeed, when I have a gig in town I often take the bicycle. It saves me from parking problems, parking costs and it saves time as well. Besides of that it’s a lot of fun to see people’s faces when I pass by and good marketing. When I go further from home or have to take a lot of stuff with me I just take the car there and back again. I have never had problems.My on my bike

Watch the video and read the article at about this.


Next week: Lecture by Derek Wong

Derek WongNext monday it’s time for me and my friends from the Dutch balloon association the United Twisters for another balloon lecture and I’m looking forward to it! After Thelma Levett, Tony Twist and Patrick van de Ven 2016’s fourth lecture is given by Derek Wong CBA from Canada.

Derek Wong Color Quest pinkActually I think that I never heard of him, but after doing some research on the web I had to conclude he’s a great balloon twister and I had seen some of his work before. I like his designs a lot and he won many prices with them. For example he won multiple awards at several World Balloon Conventions and prices in Qualatex Color Quests.

I’m sure I’ll learn a lot of new techniques and balloon sculptures and of course I will show them to you next week after the lecture.

Read about Derek Wong at his website or like his Facebook page to follow him.


Floor pump review – Filbert vs Aircraft

I love my Filbert balloon pump, but I know there are a few more other companies that make floor pumps. When I bought mine about five years ago I didn’t know that, so I just bought a Filbert and I’m still happy with that decision. The only problem I have with it is blowing up 160’s.

For you who haven’t a floor pump yet or wants to buy a new one, Holly the Twister Sister made a review video in which she compares the Filbert pump with the Aircraft pump. She also explains my 160’s problem. Watch her review down here, it may help you to make the right decision. It made me doubt about which one I have to choose when I have to buy a new one.

Let me know which pump you use and how you like it in the comments down here.

Purchase Your Aircraft Pumps at
Purchase Your Filbert Pumps at

Do also watch Holly’s review of the Premium MagicFlate Balloon Pump System.


BiBaBalloons balloon twisting tutorial library has been updated!

For a while the tutorial pages of were not working unfortunately. Luckily I found a new plugin for sharing the YouTube video’s on the website. This one is much better than the old plugin. Now everything is working great again I added a lot of new tutorials I found on YouTube for you. So check out the tutorial pages and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


New designes for a dog, cat and crocodile

Sometimes it’s good to go back a while in YouTube history and try out some designs you forgot to try or didn’t mention when they were posted. I still had on my list to find new designs for my cat, dog and crocodile.

Actually I never made a crocodile when kids asked for it because I didn’t know a good design. I always to told the kid: ‘A crocodile? Wow isn’t that a scary animal? I’m scared of crocodiles! Can I make you happy with snake balloon?’ And they always say ‘Yeah, a snake!’ Pfew, that’s better… and they love my snake design. I’ll show you my snake design soon. I didn’t learn it from YouTube but figured it out myself.

For cats and dogs I think we all think once in a while ‘Oh no, not a dog again’ or ‘a cat? I made already dozens of them today…’. Than it’s a good moment to find some new designs for these animals you make a lot, so you can vary a little, also based on how busy you are.

Gater  Housecat  Deluxe dog

I loved the three designs I tried out yesterday. Holly Hopper has always been one of my favourite balloon twisters on YouTube. When I started twisting I learned a lot from her and I still use a lot of her designs, some of them changed a little bit during the years. This Deluxe dog, Housecat and Gater balloon animal tutorials worked out very good for me. These designs are not for line work, but perfect for birthday parties and restaurant gigs. I can’t wait to try them out on the kids next weekend and see how they like them!

Let me know in the comments down her what’s your favorite version of these animals and what you think about Holly’s versions.

See you!

Go to Holly Hopper’s YouTube channel for more great balloon twisting tutorials.


Robbie Furman ‘The balloon guy’

Unfortunately I missed out on the occasion to meet him at a United Twisters class in 2013 because of my vacation and after watching the DVD of his lecture I still regret it. Robbie Furman seems to be a nice guy and a great balloon twister, no doubt about that. Today I read an article at the website of ‘The Baltimore Sun’ about him. Read it and learn to know him a little better.

Robbie Furman


Tony Twist Real World WOW vol.2 Review by Holly the Twister Sister

About a moth ago I visited a lecture by Tony Twist where he taught us great balloon sculptures from his newest DVD ‘Real World WOW vol.2 Embraceables. As I wrote in my latest post I loved the lecture and the balloon figures we learned.

Since them I tried them during my gigs and as expected the people like these big sculptures a lot.

Having a look on YouTube yesterday I found a review from Holly Hopper of Tony’s DVD. Watch to see what she thinks about it!

Get your own Real World WOW vol.2 DVD here.


WOW balloons – Lecture by Tony Twist

Tony Twist travels all over the world to teach people his style and figures. Yesterday he was in Volkel, the Netherlands to teach me and my friends from The United Twisters. It was a great day!

Workshop Tony Twist

The first great thing about the figures we learned to make, was that they are big and I love large balloon sculptures. The problem with most of them is that they take too much time to create when you’re standing in front of a crowd.

That brings me to the second great thing: These don’t take too much time. Okay, don’t use them for line work when 50 kids are screaming for a balloon, but when you have about 3 to 5 minutes they are great!

Tony Twist Lecture

The third great thing: All of them have a 646 as a base. I have them in my assortment since David Brenion’s lecture a few years ago. The jetpacks I learned to make from David are still a big hit. The faces of your crowd go WOW when you start to inflate a 646. That’s probably the reason Tony Twist’s newest DVD, with most the figures we learned yesterday is called Real World Wow vol. 2 Embraceables.

The figures I loved the most were the duck with the long arms that hugs you and the frog. Actually the Tiger balloon was great as well and all the others we learned! Now it’s time to start using them and see how my audience reacts.

Get the Tony Twist Real World Wow DVD’s here.

Get the Backpack DVD from Nifty Balloons here.


I had a dream…

“I had a dream…” That’s what my balloon colleague Lesley Tipler shared on the Facebook group Balloon Twister Central a few days ago.

Her dream was just a little different from Martin Luther King’s, this one was about her Filbert balloon pump. As she said herself: Then you are really obsessed with balloon twisting… But thank’s to the dream she came up with a great idea and shared it on Facebook.

There are many different ways to make your balloon menu and she came up with a new* one, or at least one I had never seen before.

Lesley pump ideaAs shown on the photo the Filbert pump is a great pole to present your menu on. The balloons are slipped behind some 260’s that she tied around the pump. This way you can easily release them at the end of your gig and hand them out to any latecomers. That’s another problem solved!

Personally I don’t work with a menu. This way I can surprise the kids with what I make and use simple designs when many kids are waiting and more complex and big designs when I have time for these. I consider to use this idea when I’m on the next big event with a lot of kids. Just see how it works out for me. If you never try, you’ll never know!

Thanks for sharing your idea with us Lesley!

*Apologies for anyone who came up with the idea before, but personally I have never seen it before.


A real John Deere, lightsabers, planes and more from New Zealand

IMG_3487Wow, what a great day! I’m still enjoying the memories and lovely balloon figures we learn last Monday at Pippity-Pop’s lecture.

Okay, why do we need to fly in someone from the other side of the world to teach us about balloon twisting?! Than she has to be really great, and yes she is! Pippity taught us some new and usable designs.

For line work there was Dusty from the movie Planes. Yes I used it already this Wednesday at the local market. The kids loved it and recognized Dusty immediately.

The big designs I loved most were the rabbit and the absolutely cool John Deere tractor. Next week I have to twist for a building company. I have to work out how I can change this design into a hoisting crane. Wouldn’t that be great?!

At the end she had a surprise balloon for us. The light saber!!! I’m a big Star Wars fan and with the new movie coming up this is a great design. It’s easy doable in line work, but the great thing is that she made it a real working light saber, by adding a colored led-light. I ordered them the same night at

Thanks for the great lecture Pippity-Pop!!!

Update June 13, 2015 – Watch on Facebook how my hoisting crane worked out!

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