A real John Deere, lightsabers, planes and more from New Zealand

IMG_3487Wow, what a great day! I’m still enjoying the memories and lovely balloon figures we learn last Monday at Pippity-Pop’s lecture.

Okay, why do we need to fly in someone from the other side of the world to teach us about balloon twisting?! Than she has to be really great, and yes she is! Pippity taught us some new and usable designs.

For line work there was Dusty from the movie Planes. Yes I used it already this Wednesday at the local fair. The kids loved it and recognized Dusty immediately.

The big designs I loved most were the rabbit and the absolutely cool John Deere tractor. Next week I have to twist for a building company. I have to work out how I can change this design into a hoisting crane. Wouldn’t that be great?!

At the end she had a surprise balloon for us. The lightsaber!!! I’m a big Star Wars fan and with the new movie coming up this is a great design. It’s easy doable in line work, but the great thing is that she made it a real working lightsaber, by adding a colored led-light. I ordered them the same night at aliexpress.com.

Thanks for the great lecture Pippity-Pop!!!

Update June 13, 2015 – Watch on Facebook how my hoisting crane worked out!


Balloon lecture by Balloonologist Pippity-Pop!

Yesterday it was an awesome balloon twisting day with two big gigs but today is at least as exiting as yesterday. No gigs for me today, but there is another United Twisters balloon lecture on the program. This time, after Bob Driscoll, Brian Asman, Twistina the Balloon Lady, David Brenion, Graham Lee and heaps of other great balloon artists it’s now time for a visitor from New Zealand: Pippity-Pop! And she is AWESOME!

Pippity pop!

Pippity-Pop calls her self a balloonologist. What’s that? Is that a real existing word? Well… Not really I think, but when you see her balloon art, you can imagine what it means…

Now I have to leave, I’ll give you an update a.s.a.p!

Look at Pippity-Pop’s Facebook page for more information.


How to take care of your balloon apron

My balloon bagI don’t use my balloon apron not as much as I used to do. Still love it, but… It has become to small for all different kinds of balloons I want to use. I say ‘want to’ because I actually don’t absolutely need all of them. I’m just spoiled with all these beautiful printed hearts and 5″ round balloons and I like to show of with some 646 balloon figures.

My balloon apronThe apron is still better sometimes, like for the gig I have this afternoon at a big fair in my hometown. They want me to walk around at the event because it’s spread all over the city center. That’s not doable with my big balloon bag.

Cedar Sanderson wrote an article about how she takes care of her balloon apron. I can write my story about it, but I totally agree with her, so you have to read her blog about it.

The only thing I would add on her story is that you can put more balloons in each loop than Cedar does. She stuffs the bag with 15-25 balloons in each loop. I do about 40. It makes the apron a little heavy but (lazy me) I don’t like to refill my apron after each gig.

What’s your favorite way to carry your balloons?


Balloon flower vase hyperlapse video

Watch now Clown Tallie’s newest YouTube video and see how she makes a balloon flower vase.

Watch here Flower Clown’s tutorial. This is how I learned how to weave a basket or vase with flowers.


My own balloon twisting tutorials in Dutch!

Since today my first serie of balloon twisting tutorials are live on YouTube! Unfortunately for a lot of you they are not in English but in Dutch. I noticed that there are heaps of English twisting video’s on the internet, but little Dutch.

Balloon dog twisting tutorial

I made them as an addition to the balloon twisting workshops I give for children and adults. Al balloon lessons that are online now are figures people learn in my basic balloon twisting workshop. Now they have the opportunity to practice at home watching my own tutorials in their own language.

Maybe I wil subtitle them in the future but hopefully you will enjoy them and understand them. I see forward to hear your feedback!

Go to playlist.


Flower Clown, Ron Fowler cheers up Nepalese childern after earthquake

One of my favorite You Tube balloon artists, Ron Fowler, better known as Flower Clown, was in Nepal during the earthquake that hit the country on the 25th of April.

He was in Nepal for business and family visit when the earthquake shook the land under him and millions of others. Luckily he survived without fysical damage. As we know now, thousands of others were not that lucky and countless others lost their home, a save place to live…

Ron Fowler Nepal

Ron decided to do what he is best at, entertain the Nepalese children with his balloon art. He just wanted them to forget the bad situation around them.

Read the article Cleveland.com published by clicking here

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It’s time for a new handbag!

We probably all know Jeff Koons $58.4 million yellow balloon dog sculpture and now it’s your chance to get one for 1/1,168,000th the price. Okay… it’s not a sculpture but a handbag. Koons is following the footsteps of Isabel Marant and Karl Lagerfeld by designing for the Swedish fashion giant H&M.

Jeff Koons balloon dog bag H&M

The bag will be for sale at H&M from the end of this week. Unfortunately for me and everybody who doesn’t live in The States, it’s just for sale in the US stores :(

Hopefully I can find a way to order one online. I’ll give you an update and the link when I have sorted it out.

Read the complete article on fastcodesign.com

Jeff Koons balloon dog yellow

You can find more about Jeff Koons and other balloon art at my Pinterest page.


Turn two balloon dogs into a fish

Balloon twisting is a kind of magic. Although that’s the way a little Italian girl saw my balloon twisting skills when I was on holiday in Italy last year. My Italian is lousy but I did understand what she said after I made her a balloon heart: “Se magico…”

But yesterday I discovered real balloon magic when I was have a look on Facebook. Stuart Byane posted an awesome tutorial. I don’t know how he came up with it but I love it! “Se magico…” Watch the tutorial down here.

You can wow your crowd with this balloon! The cool thing is that they won’t see what you are doing – besides twisting two balloons dogs into each other – until the last twist.

The most important thing is that you have to be precise with the measurements. I stretched the balloon a few times to get enough length, but after a few attempts I had a proper fish. I think I have to practice a little more before I will use it in a show, because it’s like doing magic, it will not have the right effect if you don’t do it properly.

I would love to see your dogs into fish! Post them on my Facebook page.


Twisting with Walmart balloons?!

Maybe you recognize the comment of people when you are twisting balloons: “When I do that the balloons pop all the time.” I always laugh and ask what brand balloons they have used. 99% of the time their answer is “I don’t know, from the toy store.” or “From the discount market.” The only advice I can give them is to buy Qualatex balloons and try again. They sell them in our local party store. My favorite say is “Even if you are the greatest balloon artist in the world, with bad balloons you can’t do anything because they will pop.”

Since we don’t have Walmart in the Netherlands I don’t have any experience with their balloons but my favorite YouTube balloon twister Holly Hopper ‘The Twister Sister’ has made a YouTube video where in she tests Walmart Balloons. Funny and interesting video!

Only balloon muggles make this mistake? Well…

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New balloon twisters Facebook group

There are many ways for balloon artists to communicate with each other and exchange knowledge. One of them is Facebook groups.

Since last week there is a new group I like. It’s the “Balloons I Learned From YouTube” group. The group is founded by Jerome Santucci. He is one of the balloon artists I follow on YouTube since the beginning I started twisting. I like his balloon figures, a lot of them are for advanced twisters and quite technical, but I like a good balloon challenge once in a while.

In the video below he introduces the new group.

If you are a balloon twister and you would like to become a member go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/BalloonsFromYouTube

See you at Facebook!